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UPDATE on the PROGRESS of our SECOND PROPERTY, Manayunk Chambers Guest House


May 3, 2020

WELCOME to a brand new month I like like referring to as the very merry month of May.

These past two weeks I have been spending my time working on our extension of Manayunk Chambers Guest House that is located lees than three blocks from us that will be offering a completely different type of accommodations to our guests who may be looking for something in a bit more of a contemporary style.  Neal and I have been working on it when we have the time to devote to it for nearly two years, now.  The Covid-19 Pandemic that the world is currently experiencing has allowed for me to focus on the finishing of this project and I am completely psyched with it.  I want to continue to work through the weekend on it, but all work and no play makes for an unhappy spouse.  I’ve learned to make a “win-win” situation by asking Neal to join me in a nice leisurely ride to Lowe’s or Home Depot with me.  Not his idea of a proper date, but during Quarantine we are very limited with our choices.

The priming and painting are completed on the second and third floors and I am currently installing the flooring on both of those floors and hope to have it completed by the end of this week.  We chose a light honey oak to continue the brightness that is throughout the house. I ordered a deep soaking tub for the third floor bathroom that will be a great addition to the modern style of the place.  Once those floors are completed, I will begin furnishing and decorating.  

We are so excited having received our first reservation since the beginning of the quarantine and after having received so many cancellations during a time that has always been our busiest time of year.  The reservation was made by a return guest for June and they are interested in staying at the newest location.  This is a great motivator for me to get the place completed by then or at least one room that will satisfy their needs.

Your guess will be as good as mine as to whether the shops and restaurants along Main Street in Manayunk will be open to having customers enter their establishments, or not.  They have done their best in accommodating the demand for all who have grown accustom to enjoying in Manayunk by offering curb side pick up and delivery.  If you do decide to join us for an overnight stay you can count on me to do my best to be sure that you will enjoy your stay.

I want you to know that we are very much looking forward to your return.

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Thank you for your continued support.  Until next time enjoy your Spring!!!