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A ‘Thank You’ for All Your Support, Manayunk Chambers Guest House

A ‘Thank You’ for All Your Support

April 6, 2020


Open letter to our Guests, Neighbors and MNYK Family

by Mark Jerde


As I sat down to write my first written blog I was reminded how frightening that blank page can be.  What do I write about?  Who wants to hear from me?  Everyone has enough to concern themselves without me adding to the noise.  Then it hit me.  During these fearful unknowing times, I recall the important necessity to be grateful for everything I hold dear.

To everyone we have met, please accept our heartfelt thanks to you for all of the laughter, joy and support you have given us as a business and for us as your friends, family, guests, neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances.  You have all played a role in our lives with bringing us to this point.

We are all going through a very difficult time now and we will get through it even better and stranger than ever before.  It is my gratitude for all the wonderful people who come through our door that inspires me to continue to forge ahead and cut out the life I enjoy living as a husband, a friend and a loving human being.  Without you it would not be possible.  

For that I thank you.

Sincerely yours,