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Pride and Gratitude of Manayunk Chambers’ 5 Year Anniversary, Manayunk Chambers Guest House

Pride and Gratitude of Manayunk Chambers’ 5 Year Anniversary

June 29, 2020

“The Guest Who Started It All”


It is amazes me that Manayunk Chambers Guest House has now been serving the community for over five years.  We opened our doors to our very first guest on June 15, 2015.  A lovely young woman who is an experienced “Mindfulness Yoga and Enneagram Instructor named Kessuda Chataya.  She moved in to the area with her very artistically talented high school age daughter.  She was referred to us by a mutual friend and neighbor, Chef Moon Krapagthon who owns both “Yanako” sushi restaurant and “Chabaa Thai Bistro” restaurant right here in Manayunk on Main Street.  Kess has developed quite a following with “Yosuda“.  She has earned herself a 5-Star Rating is is very well respected in her craft.

That was just the beginning of what has become a true passion for us to serve guests who come here to stay for a huge variety of reasons.  Each guest is so interesting and bring with them their own history of experiences that truly delight us in conversation as much as they enjoy our sharing of our knowledge of the area and the best places for them to see and experience while they are here in Philly.

“Rest Assured” that the slowing of business due to the Covid-19 Pandemic has not caused us concern.  My husband Neal and I have used this time to thoroughly clean and sanitize the Guest House and hit some areas with a fresh coat of paint.  My biggest project that I have been working on during these past few months has been our second location in Manayunk.  I am so excited that it is coming together most beautifully and it appears that we will be open for the Fall this year.  Regardless of whether the corona virus will keep our guests away, you can count on us being here for you when you are ready to visit us. 

As we cautiously approach our next steps of the Pennsylvania Plan is scheduled to move into the “Green Phase”, this week.  I will do my best to keep you all informed of what is happening here in Manayunk and our lodging accommodations that we plan to remain here for you when you need us for years to come.  With that in mind you may feel confident in purchasing our electronic gift certificates for a loved one as a promise of a visit with them for the future.

Until next time!!!

Best Wishes Always, Mark